The qualities the next Osun Governor should possess


Every four years, voters are usually called upon to choose a new Governor that will lead the state after endless and rigorous campaign by the parties and the candidates.

In deciding the PDP flag bearer it’s expected that the party has to deal with lots of information about each of the aspirants and the pedigree of who will eventually fly the party’s flag at the poll. Based on this reality, the party and the voters must define the qualities of an ideal Governorship candidate and how well such candidate can match up to the wishes of the people in comparison to other party’s choice of candidatures.

These identifiable qualities are expected to raise the selection process and elevate the campaign from a mundane level to an issue based campaign where individual capability, character, competence and individual capacity to handle the strenuous and stressful tough governance assignment is brought under serious focus.

These measurable yardsticks will ensure that aspirants are clearly judged not just by the size of their wallets but also by some measurable qualities that are critical to the implementation of PDP vision and manifesto.

It’s important to know that beyond the allure of the exalted office of the Governor or the prestige or the influence or the lifetime of luxury the office confers, the next election should provide the opportunity to select the best and tested candidate for the exalted position without any primordial sentiments.

Arising from the above therefore, it’s important to pick a candidate with a good track record, pedigree of performance, good grasp of issues and someone who has the capacity and competence to provide real solutions to improve the lives of the downtrodden masses.

  1. The Governorship candidate should himself have sterling leadership qualities that merit the job as well as an helicopter vision, the experience, the exposure and the outlook the high office demands.
  2. Osun state at this critical time need a Governor with the right character, ability, integrity and motivation
  3. The state need someone who can think outside the box and who is sufficiently savvy to seek creative ways of utilizing meager resources to transform the economy of the state into a prosperous Agro allied industrial hub
  4. The state needs a leader who has ability to comprehend and grapple with complex local and national issues.
  5. The state urgently need a Governor with a high power of analysis and imagination of critical issues, a sense of reality and someone imbued with a good temperament.
  6. We need a practical Governor who is charismatic, approachable, insightful,articulate and deep. We need someone who can inspire hope, confidence and can open up new possibilities under most trying circumstances.
  7. We need a Governor who is very polite and who is an embodiment of civility,humility and culture.
  8. Osun need a compassionate Governor who will understand what the people wants and who can feel the sufferings of the poor
  9. A Governor who is eloquent, pragmatic to walk his talk and who can communicate effectively and intelligently with the public and the media.
  10. Osun need a Governor who per chance can be a future candidate for the office of the president or the Vice President and who is very knowledgeable about issues of the day and can discuss them freely.
  11. Osun presently requires someone with a high level of integrity and with evidence of spartan life discipline, strong conviction and good commitment to the state.
  12. A governor that is mature, exemplary and who can serve as a role model to the people, someone who can inspire the people through his actions who can keep his promises to the electorates.
  13. Beyond rhetoric Osun need a Governor who has the combination of public, private and executive experiences to manage scarce resources, men and material judiciously.
  14. We need a visionary Governor who can literally turn the state to our own Dubai and someone who can leverage on networks of private sector players to invest in Agro-allied industries that will create massive jobs for the teeming populace.
  15. The state require a Governor with rich intellectual firepower, common sense to assemble a winning team and resourceful energy to run up and down to deliver good dividends to the people and someone who is ready to get down to business and take the state a notch higher.
  16. Osun is in dire need of a Governor who will give preference to the homegrown technocrats and politicians for optimum service delivery
  17. The state need a people’s Governor with a good sense of humor, respect for all religious beliefs and respect for the traditional and spiritual leaders.

Conclusively, all party men and women need to realize that with a good Governor at the helms of affairs, the resources of the state will be judiciously utilized for the betterment of all and sundry. Therefore it’s safer to place Osun state in the hands of competent, visionary, tested, Courageous, industrious and great personality who can transform the economy of the state and who will guarantee prosperous and life more abundant for the people.

So let’s choose wisely lest we suffer another four years of delusion and deprivation.

God bless our Party, PDP.

Hon Adelani Ajanaku