Between Adeoti’s presentation and Oyetola’s gaffe


By Kayode Oladeji

The name, *Fatai Akinade Akinbade*,needs little or no introduction, especially in around Osun State. This is because having contributed immensely on all fronts to the development of the state; he has remained permanently on the positive side of history. This cannot be wished away under whatever guise, tide and times by anybody.

Many in the state, can testify to the fact that Akinbade neither engages in any form of shenanigan nor take to dirty politics to curry public favour. Principally, what preoccupies his attention on a daily basis, is how Osun and its people can always be on descent pedestal life as obtained in saner climes.

This, we feel, should be the upper most concern to all well meaning individuals in the state, particularly those angling to lead in one way or the other.

Suffice to say in this regard that while not trying to hold brief for Alhaji Moshood Adeoti,the immediate past Secretary to the State Government, or defend him,we are constrained to lay bare some facts at the public domain in order to correct some erroneous impression Gboyega Oyetola through his media handlers, is struggling to create just in a bid to score cheap political points

Crux of the matter?  Oyetola, the Chief of Staff to Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola while reacting to some issues raised by Alhaji Moshood Adeoti who was one of them until recently when defected to Action Democratic Party, had in his huff, like Karius, the Liverpool goalkeeper did during the last Eufa Championship finals against Real Madrid, mischievously claimed that Akinbade diverted the repairs of  Iwo-Osogbo road project to his hometown,Ogbaagba.

Now, is this man who is itching and being packaged from Lagos to govern the state,short of facts or has the gale of defection that has assailed his party,APC, which is menacingly starring him at the face, made him to go off the political track?

The truth of the matter is: Akinbade never diverted any road project meant for Iwo-Osogbo road to his hometown. Rather, the project in question was undertaken in 1995 under the World Bank Multi-State Road Project (MSRP) during the military. The Awo-Ogbaagba-Iwo road fell under the said scheme which was duly approved in-council under the headship of the then Military Administrator, Navy Captain Anthony Udofia. 16 of such roads were constructed across the state, including the famous West Bye-Pass Osogbo among others. If one may even ask, about *23 years ago,precisely in 1995 when the said Awo-Ogbaagba-Iwo road they are struggling to demean and politicise was being constructed, where were Aregbesola, Oyetola and some of the interlopers currently parading themselves as *”lords”* in our state today?

Equally, it is instructive to note that during this period in question; the Iwo-Osogbo road was motorable. Even up til when the state former governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, was around in 2010, the road was still passable owing to constant maintenance. Sadly, the road, like others that dots the state, suffered abandonment shortly you, the Lagos gang led by Aregbesola, perniciously took over our political space.

Regrettably, on several occasions when this administration in which you are touted as being one of the strongest factors, needed the votes of the people of Iwo land,you insidiously and subtly used the road as a bait. But as 8 years administration of your *oga*,Aregbesola is fast coming to an embarrassing end, the people of the zone are indeed celebrating and applauding you people for giving them an eight lane Iwo-Osogbo Express Way now famously called *grandfather ona baba ona*. Hogwash!

Worse still, roads constructed by you people led by your boss, Aregbesola,including those still under construction done at exorbitant costs, have shamefully been collapsing. A readymade example; is the Gbongan-Akoda road which has largely remained a conjectural exaggerated shadow-chasing rather than reality. In actual fact, the shoddiness of the job done by the contractor, recently drew the ire of members of the State House of Assembly who frowned at the quality and pace of the work being done.

Under whatever cloak of pretence, the people of Osun can no longer suffer any fool gladly from this grandstanding Lagosians.

Imagine, like the proverbial *fi buredi ko won lomi obe je* (using deceitful ways to cheat someone), Oyetola told the state that he would pay the outstanding workers salaries within a year. *Hmmm*.  We chuckled at this because we know it’s a bait meant to hoodwink the electorate, particularly the civil servants who have subjected to all forms of degradation. For over 3years now, they have been on pitiable half salaries that are not even being paid as and when due. Retirement that used to be longed for by workers after serving meritoriously, have suddenly become a nightmare. This is because of outright non payment of gratuities and the epileptic manner the pensions are being paid. *Laye kojo!*

Our people have suffered enough in the hands of these forceful landlords from *eko* Come September 22,2018 ,a fresh air of divinely engineered hope shall resonate through the state when Fatai Akinbade assumes as the governor of Osun State through a well defined alternative platform, the African Democratic Congress *ADC* )

Kayode Oladeji

Director Media & Publicity

*Fatai Akinade Akinbade Campaign Organization (FAACO)*