#ResumeOrResign: Groups demonstrate in Abuja, London over Buhari’s absence

Civil society groups took to streets in Abuja and London on Monday demonstrating to demand an end to President Muhammadu Buhari’s prolonged absence from office, calling on him to resume or resign.
The Abuja protesters included Mr. Charles Oputa, popularly called Charley Boy, vowed to camp at Unity Fountain; while those protesting in London stayed briefly outside the Abuja House.
Those who protested in Abuja marched from Unity Fountain to the Presidential Villa in Asokoro district, promising to continue the exercise until their demands are met.
President Buhari has been in London since May 7 on an account of undisclosed.
According to Deji Adeyanju, one of the organisers of today’s protest, although Buhari met constitutional requirement by relinquishing presidential powers to his vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, he still faces criticism for “leaving the country in a state of anxiety”.
“Someone called himself a president and he disappeared from his country for so many days all while refusing to even tell the citizens what exactly ails him,” Mr. Adeyanju, convener of Concerned Nigerians, said. “We cannot continue like this.”
“A country of 180 million people cannot continue like this because of only one man who has become clearly incapacitated by old age.”
President Buhari’s health, which was a major issue during the campaign, has loomed large on his administration.
“Pictures are not enough,” said Chidi Cali, who organised the London protest. “We believe his time is now up.”
“If he’s not willing to resume, he should be ready to step down.”
The protesters carried banners that read “Our Mumu Don Do”, which literally translates as “Our docility must stop,” amongst others.
“We’ve been fooling around in this country for too long,” Mr. Adeyanju said. “Enough is enough!”
The protesters called on the National Assembly to invoke relevant sections of the Constitution and mandate the current Federal Executive Council, under the supervision of Mr. Osinbajo, to set up a medical team to ascertain Mr. Buhari’s health status
It would be recalled that Buhari’s first medical trip abroad was in June 2016. He travelled again in January and returned in March, spending exactly 50 days.
He has so far spent 92 days on his latest trip without any sign of his return. Within the last month, he received several leaders, including Vice President Osinbajo and state governors, during which he assured Nigerians of his imminent return.
The promise of returning soon does not go down well with many Nigerians.