Presidential weekly television/radio news feature programmes “From the Villa” now airing

A weekly television and radio news feature programmes on the policies,  programmes and activities of the Buhari administration is now airing on a number of network television and radio stations across the country.

Designed to promote the policies, programmes and initiatives of the Buhari administration, the 30-minute weekly news feature programme will highlight the progressive strides of this administration and the beneficial impacts being recorded in the lives of our people.

Members of the public are invited to watch the programmes on television:


Channels TV on Monday – 4:30pm


Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Network on Thursday – 6:30pm


Core TV news on Saturday – 12:30pm


Liberty television on Sunday – 4:30pm



On radio, it will be airing:


FRCN network – Monday at 2:30pm


Raypower FM – Monday at 3:00pm


Bauchi Radio – Monday at 1:30pm


Heartland FM – Saturday at 10:30 am


Rainbow FM (Ogun) – Saturday at 8:00am


Capital FM – Saturday at 1:30pm


Liberty Radio – Sunday at 10:30am


Choice FM – Sunday at 6:30pm


Rivers Radio – Sunday at 9:30pm