Most Nigerians disposed to mental illness – Psychiatrist



A Psychiatrist, Dr Kayode Adetunji, has said that most Nigerians are disposed to mental illness and disorder in one way or the other.

Adetunji said this in a telephone interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday.

He said there was the need for Nigerians to visit psychiatrists as often as possible and to also pay more attention on their mental health now than before.

“Most people think once they don’t test positive to malaria, typhoid or other common illnesses, they are fine mentally. This is not so, as most Nigerians are disposed to mental illness due to our insatiable wants.

“Causes of mental illness are prevalent in our society, hence the need for regular checkups with psychiatrics,” he said.

According to him, loss of jobs, excessive sadness, hopelessness, sleeplessness, suddenly becoming calm, withdrawal, change in personality, self-harmful behaviour and trauma occasioned by loss of loved ones are some of the triggers of mental illness.

“It is very important that we take good care of our physical health, but our mental health is even more important. Mental disorder is preventable, if we seek help and do regular checks,” he said.

Adetunji also harped on the need for proper management of stress, saying that if not managed, it could easily lead to depression and eventual suicide. (NAN)