Set goals to become landlords before 40, expert advises youths

A real estate practitioner, Mr Tito Philips, has advised youths to set goals that would make them become landlords before they reach 40 years of age.

Philips gave the advice while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos.

According to him, goal setting is a critical tool for youths and one of the things missing in today’s society.

Philips said: “Youths usually have the assumption that they have a lot of years ahead of them and rarely set goals or plan for the future.

“They tend to live day by day without planning when they intend to buy their first car, get their masters, marry or even when they get a roof over their heads.”

Phillips, who is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Oga Landlord Property Ltd., urged Nigerian youths to consciously set active life goals and make plans for what they hope to achieve in future.

“We hear success stories of people who achieved great things at a specific age.

“If you don’t set goals in life, it is difficult to achieve anything significant.

“Every day counts because every day spent is less time towards achieving those goals.

“If you want to own a land or property, you pick a date that you want to stop paying rent,” he said.

Philips recommended 25 years as the ideal age for youths to start planning to become landlords.

“One of the things that would have happened within this time is that they would have started earning money; that is when they should start planning to own a land or a house.

“Youths have less responsibilities and excess money will always be around them,” he told NAN.

He cautioned youths against spending their earnings lavishly or buying expensive gadgets.

“The money is for you to plan for your tomorrow; if you start planning for a house at 25, before you are 35 or even 40, you would have accomplished that goal,” he said. (NAN)