Akinbade: A true leader Osun needs

By Nasiru Ibukun

If the prevailing societal values in the country are anything to go by, we can say outright that the importance of leadership is fast being eroded on a daily basis.

As Osun State is preparing for another election, it would undoubtedly, require men and women of unbiased minds to choose and vote for a man with great leadership skills.

Criticisms against the outgoing government is not enough;the antidote is using our votes to right the prevailing excruciating wrongs on ground.

The masses are responsible for the type of leaders the society produce at every given point. A cursory look at how our leaders operate today, is a good indication of how they operated when they were ordinary citizens. The way an average Nigerian behaves today, shows what type of leader he/she would become.

In this regard, Akinbade is the truest definition of a great leader. Not only does he have strong moral principles, his ability to carry people along is overwhelming. In every position he has occupied, commitment has ever being his watchwords.

The quintessential humanist is an outstanding grassroots politician that has demonstrated to the masses what true leadership means. His ability to speak less and act more, a good listening ear, great service to humanity and zero tolerance for arrogance, makes him a true leader.

It is high time we stopped making mockery of the democratic process. Poverty, insecurity, unemployment etc, needs to be addressed urgently.

To put a stop to this, we have to elect the best candidate as only the best is good enough for us. The best among those currently angling for the coveted governorship seat in the state, is no other person than Alhaji Fatai Akinade Akinbade, who is now the candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC).His candidature has been roundly applauded across the state.

Akinbade’s selflessness, commitment the service of humanity, accessibility and carriage among others, are his selling points.

As we all know, he has served this state well and it is obvious he is genuinely disinterested in looting. His words carry great weight, and there is wisdom in the policies or methods he advocates. Any policy proposed by him will positively affect the present and succeeding generations.

A true leader makes swift and clear decisions based on sound premise and basic truths. These, Akinbade have to the admiration of many.

*Enough is enough*. No more garbage in, garbage out. If we must be sincere with ourselves, then we should endeavour to vote out bad and corrupt leaders.

It is time to vote right. Let your vote count as you come out enmass to choose the right candidate.

Alh. Fatai Akinbade has proven beyond all doubts, that he has what it takes to govern our dear state, Osun.

ADC is the answer

Fatai Akinbade is the Answer.