About Us

Business247 Online medium is a core business and financial focussed news medium.

The platform targets at offering comprehensive reporting, review and analysis of Nigeria’s Business and Financial sectors’ activities in such a way that the information needs of stakeholders (operators, shareholders, regulators and others) are catered for adequately on a 24-hour basis.

This organisation is set up to promote ethical journalism with due respect for balanced, objective and factual reportage. To be able to achieve this, the platform can boast of sound professionals with quality experience and track records of untainted professionalism in all the beats of journalism profession with special bias for business and financial journalism.

The editorial team is an assemblage of dedicated professionals led by Wole Tokede who has about three decades of unblemished records in business and financial journalism.

The platform is blessed with dedicated and determined staff members who know what it takes to achieve the noble task we set for ourselves.