Electricity: Unless DisCos invest in sector, power supply will remain bad – TCN

The Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Usman Mohammed has said that unless the Distribution Companies (DIsCos) are recapitalized, power supply will remain unstable in the country.

Mohammed made this known in Kano while inspecting the transmission company’s facilities as he added other reasons for bad power supply.

He also said that due to the low investment by the DisCos, most of the installation of TCN are not properly used, making it impossible to improve power supply.

The TCN boss also said that commission was working very well to ensure proper maintenance of its facilities across the country so that there can be proper distribution of electricity.

“We have proposed the recapitalisation of the DisCos. That is where we believe improvement in the power sector lies.

We are calling on all Nigerians to clamour for the recapitalisation of the DisCos. If they are not recapitalised, there is no way they can rehabilitate their existing network.

“So, you can see that two feeders here are out because the feeders are weak. Therefore, any time there is rain, those feeders cannot function.

“The reason they cannot function is because they were not rehabilitated. This is what TCN is pushing for DisCos to do.”

Mohammed also explained how the commission has been dealing with problems in the power sector, saying it has been attacking redundancy in the country.

“On the capacity of power in the nation, TCN is working hard. We have not solved all our problems. So, anywhere we have problems, we have solutions to them.

“We are discouraging redundancy across the country and we have achieved a certain level of control over our frequency. We have a spinning reserve with a road network and we are doing all our best to make it work. We have a roadmap which we are following religiously,” he said.

He, therefore called on newsmen in the country to get the word out there on the need for investment in the sector.