World Bank budgets US$60m to fight youth joblessness in Benin

The World Bank International Development Association (IDA) will give Benin US$60 million to help the west African country fight against youth joblessness in poor regions, a statement issued by the bank said in Cotonou on Tuesday.

The aid is aimed at helping Benin improve the economic inclusion of the youth in poor regions and strengthen the employment services and the technical and professional training system.

The youth inclusion project also aims to improve the economic inclusion of youth, aged between 15 and 30 years, and 50 per cent of girls who are not in school.

About 35,000 people will benefit from services favouring the self-employed, salaried jobs and development services for business and coaching, the statement said.

The project will provide subsidies in monetary transfer for 24,000 vulnerable youth as well as focus on the technical and vocational training education system.

This will give access to training in the high economic potential jobs for 4,000 youth within the framework of the certificate for vocational training and about 12,000 youth in short-term training. (PANA/NAN)