Primate Ayodele tells Governors: Don’t beg Northerners to bring food to South West


The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has reacted to the threat by Northerners to stop supplying foods to the South over the Yoruba-Fulani crisis in some states in the South.

The popular prophet in his reaction explained that he supports the decision of the North not to supply food again because it will awaken the South West Governors to what they need to do.

Ayodele explained that some states in South West can produce all the foods that the North are supplying and if the governors cannot do it successfully, then they are not active and should resign.

According to him, “I’m in support of the North’s decision not bring food to the South any longer because the Governors in South West can produce food.

“Let Ekiti supply yam and ram.

“Ogun should rear cow and supply us rice, garri, lafun, fufu and beans.

“Ondo State can supply beans, yam and rice.

“Lagos will be producing fish.

“Tomato will come from Ekiti, Ondo.

“Oyo can give us garri.

“Why are we shouting?

“If the governors of the South West cannot put all these together, they should resign.

“It will be a shame to South West Governors if they allow the Northerners to bring food.

“Let’s all go back to farming.

“Within a short period of time, we will bounce back.

“You don’t need to beg them to bring food.

“Let us leave them though this will lead to recession and hijackers will start attacking the rich.

“2023, the unexpected will consume our expectation.

“The price of commodities is high now.

“Let us suffer.

“The north should keep their food.

“That is only when the Southern governors will know what to do.”

Also, the man of God commented on the situation of Nigeria, explaining that the country might not be the same in 2023 as he foresees a new Nigeria coming.

Ayodele said: “Nigeria is sinking.

“The government has failed completely and the issue of herdsmen will cause a lot for us.

“(President Muhammadu) Buhari doesn’t understand the direction of his government.

“This one happening is more than COVID-19.

“It will consume the nation unexpectedly.

“I doubt it if Nigeria will be the same in 2023.

“2023 will be very serious.

“We are still joking now.

“Our politicians will be on the run when the time comes.

“New Nigeria is coming, but let us take it easy before it turns to something else.

“Those politicians that have served before may not be seen again.

“A new Nigeria is coming.

“Whether we want it or not, it will happen.

“It’s the word of God.

“All of these people will be eradicated completely.

“It’s not going to be the same, but a new Nigeria is coming.”

Continuing, the man of God said Nigeria needs to do a lot of praying because it will come to a point where Kings, Emirs will not be listened to again.

Ayodele also advised that the government needs to create a section for spiritual intelligence to battle insecurity.

He said: “Besides this, militants will start their own.

“All these kings, emirs will see what will happen.

“A lot of them will not be able to talk.

“That’s why we need to pray.

“The government needs to create a section for spiritual intelligence.

“Then all these things materialise, it will be higher than COVID-19.

“I’m giving the message raw as I have received it from God.

“I’m not looking for publicity.

“Nigeria’s foundation is shaking and Buhari does not understand.

“I had said all these things happening before.

“Kidnapping and banditry is a setup to consume Nigeria’s stability.

“That is just the truth.

“It is painful.

“CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) doesn’t not have what it takes to look into these problem.

“Insecurity is getting worse.

“All these politicians should resign.

“Even Buhari.

“They have disappointed us.

“South West Governors should act immediately.

“Nigeria has been divided since #EndSARS protest and another mother protest is still coming.

“It will shut down the country.

“Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb and if care isn’t taken, the international community will have to come to our rescue.

“2023 will be tough.

“Only prayers can make Nigeria have a successful election.

“The situation of Nigeria is very alarming.

“We need lots of prayers to move forward.”

Furthermore, Ayodele blamed the government for not having the fear of God, which has led to an unceasing threat to the security of lives and properties.

He said: “There is a threat on education and (Abubakar) Shekau isn’t spirit.

“He can be arrested by prayers, but Government doesn’t respect God.

“Pastors, prophets can tell them where Shekau is and those behind the insecurity in Nigeria, but they won’t listen.

“What has this government achieved since 2019?

“Can they show what they have achieved in terms of security, education, infrastructure?

“Buhari should keep off and let there be another election before 2023.”

-The Eagle Online