21-story building collapsed in Lagos, many feared trapped

Many reported trapped in the collapsed 21-storey building at Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

According Nigeria Info report, six persons have been evacuated from the building; three dead and three alive.

It was gathered that artisans working at nearby buildings rallied round to render emergency services when the high rise structured caved in around 1:56pm.

Eye witnessses said that the construction workers were using crude tools powered by generator to try to cut some of the rods to bring out trapped persons.

According to eyewitnesses, over 50 people were working in the property when it suddenly vibrated and collapsed.

The owner of the building, identified as Mike, was said to be trapped inside, while a man alleged that three of his children were there as well.

A witness said that he and co-workers felt the vibration of the structure from the property they were working in.

He said: “We were working beside the building while some others are working inside the collapsed building.

“More than 50 people were working inside this big building when it collapsed.

“The building started vibrating and the next thing it came down. One person was pulled out lifeless. The owner is inside. We have been talking with some of our colleagues who are trapped inside.

“We have been calling emergency workers since 2pm but they did not get here till past 4pm but we are glad they are here now because it will be faster.

“Since they got here, five others have been rescued. Those ones are alive and were taken to the ambulance.”

came here. I got here around 2:30pm. People were shouting inside the building when we got here,” he said.